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Lillia is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She will stick by your side and never give up on you. Loves to be casual. She is Sexy, if you have a Lillia keep her you won't regret it.
Boy 1. Did you see Lillia today man?
Boy 2. Yeh man she is so hot!
Boy 1. Well to bad she's mine
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A person with a sexy body and a cool personality. Has long hair and beautiful eyes. Usually athletic.
Im hanging out with Lillia today because she is cool and beautiful.
by RunnyRaven October 21, 2015
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Lillia is truly the most amazing girl you will ever meet! She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is very pale. Lillia's seem very shy if you don't know them, but once you get to know her she is one of the most loud people you will ever meet! Lillia's are very cool, smart, and sexy, even if they don't think so. Lillia's have low self esteem which makes absolutely no sense considering how beautiful, and funny they are! If you have a Lillia don't EVER let her go!!
Guy 1: "Man I love Lillia! She's so funny and sexy!"
Guy 2: "Yeah I'd smash her!"
Guy 1: "Back off! I got dibs!"
by Mustang_boy July 19, 2018
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Lillia is a strong independent woman who loves the men she like spending time with her friends and definitely her best friend. She never get emotional and doesn’t get upset.She is not an early riser she love her sleep.She connects very well with animals and definitely dogs she loves all types off dogs.
Bitch:hey do you know Lillia ? Best friend:ye why ? Bitch:well I HATE her she so annoying. Best friend:eww shut up you BITCH !!! *GIRL FIGHT*
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by Libbyhacking February 26, 2019
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Lillia is a athlete of her kind. She is usually tall and has blonde brown hair with hazel eyes. Lillia has an amazing spunky personality. She is crazy when you get to know her, but watch out she can be rude though, be careful!
Omg did you see Lillia today, she made a rude comment to me
by Lillia ruth June 13, 2018
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Lillia is the most sexy person you will know. Her looks and intelligence will overthrow you. Lillias' mostly have dark brown hair and amazing emerald green eyes. When it comes to meeting her she is so funny and caring towards others. She also draws attention to her self -for the boys- but beware she may be more sexy than she looks ;)
Boy 1: Hey did you see lillia today, damn she so fine.
Boy 2: Yeah but back off imma ask her out soon
Boy 1: Hell nah hands off she's mine (looks at her bumper) ooh
by Music rulez June 06, 2019
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