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To “like of” someone is similar to when you “know of” someone. Knowing of someone entails knowing their name, possibly face and reputation or a simple story. Liking of someone requires at least one hook up, and legitimate conversation.

You don’t really like this person of the opposite sex, but you have fun with him/her. You don’t truly care about this human, but you also don’t treat it like a piece of meat. You talk about this “friend” behind his/her back, but you will usually text/call back.

Falls in the friend spectrum between fuck buddy and relationship. It’s more involved than purely sex, and less committed than a monogamous association.

Could be described as the opposite of friends with benefits, more like benefits with friends. The intention of the bond is physical. The emotional element exists slightly, and obviously comes second to the shagging. If a friend with benefits has casual sex and a real friendship, then when you like of someone, you have real sex and a casual friendship.
I hooked up with this tramp a couple times last week. She’s a pretty damn cool hoe, and the banging is good. A relationship would never work, I don’t give a shit about her and …..

Quit babblin fucktard. You obviously like of her!
by Syracuse JOHNSON October 17, 2009
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