9 definitions by truthtellingguy

God. 69420 IQ. Funny. Not Middle School Humor
Jojo: Woah!? What is that beam coming from the clouds?
Candace: Must be truthtellingguy
by truthtellingguy November 17, 2022
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A person who simps for skinny Asians and calles everyone bobo
Person 1: Clrless called me bobo
Clrless: your mom
by truthtellingguy August 22, 2022
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a private school led by aliens who transformed their ufo into a big gym where teenagers with gender issues play ball
person 1: Where do you study?
Joaquin: La Salle Green Hills
by truthtellingguy November 15, 2022
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An acronym for Just Living (in) Hell, is used to describe a person who prefers to live in hell because they are too lazy to improve so they let themselves suffer even if they want to improve
Person 1": "Hey did you know you could just click the scroll button to open a link in another tab?"
Person 2: "Fuck you"
Person 1:"Man your so JLH"
by truthtellingguy August 31, 2022
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the response you get when you actually help people solve their problems
Jamal: oh my gawd i can't do algebra!11!11
Person 2: ok just do this and do that and do this and do that
Jamal: um, does it look like i care, nerd?
by truthtellingguy January 23, 2023
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