To smoke some sticky green with your dawgs.
Dude this game is boring as shit, lets go to Logans house and light up.
by AllDayErDay November 27, 2008
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verb. to open fire at something. derived from muzzle flash of weapons/explosions.
targets identified. light 'em up.

by nousoupi. September 27, 2010
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In football or other contact sports, to tackle or check someone in a way that results in the other guy being lifted into the air, then landing on his ass, usually resulting in pain and looking stupid.
Did you see that Avalanche game last night? Joe Sakic got lit up as soon as he got the puck!

Number 30 on the other team keeps taking cheap shots, and it looks like Nate's ready to light up the dude.
by B03 September 1, 2006
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1. (v): To roast the hell out of someone. To put them in the spotlight just not in the way they wished.
I'm gonna light up the f*#$ out of Erik, he thinks he's Beyonce but he's more of a Charlie Sheen.
by JayVR March 21, 2016
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verb. To cause an area to have a foul smell, usually through defecation or passing gas.
Look out; I'm about to light up that bathroom.
by rexctang October 13, 2006
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A song (and first single for his second album) written by the beautifully talented, kind human-being named Harry Styles.
Person 1: Have you heard Harry's new song Lights Up

Person 2: Yess! I fucking love it, it sound so good!

Person 1: ikr, don’t even get me started on the 'La da da da da' part bitch
by harrymfnstyles October 16, 2019
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