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Elite (liberal) is an association of the cool people at high school that are popular, wear Pac Sun clothes, smoke weed, skateboard, do poorly in school, not involved in organizations, anti-establishment, are surfers, and get in trouble with the law. The opposite of Elite (liberal) is Elite (conservative).
On the weekdays, Matt, an elite (liberal), is stoned during class, but on the weekends he surfs, then goes out at night to get wasted, only to get busted by the cops.
by Aussiegoat5 September 21, 2005
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Elite (conservative) is an association of popular high school students that drive American SUV's, live in expensive houses with sod lawns, surf but are not considered surfers, their family income exceeds $150,000, they use their parents money, they won't have a job during school but they will be doctors, lawyers, or brokers, they wear clothes such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Vans, Hollister, Dickies, they get drunk but never stoned, listen to rap music, think they are gansta when they are really not, they are involved in school clubs and organizations, they are smart and do very well in academics but speak ebonics when they are not in school, they usually play a sport, they are white, or should I say,... wanna be wiggers, and they tend to support Bush even though they know nothing about politics. Basically they are preppy, rich, white kids. Their cousin is the Elite (liberal).
Elite (conservative) convo.

Nick: After the water polo game wanna go to Jenna's party?
Ryan: Hell's yeah man. Everyone at that club is gonna get tipsy. You got a ride G'?
Nick: Yep, we're gonna be pimpin' in my Ford Explorer.

(Later at the party)
Jenna: Hey sexy Ryan! You look gangsta tonight! Did you bring your 50 cent CD?
Ryan: Fo' sho'.

by Aussiegoat5 September 21, 2005
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Said to be one of the best performing European cars by various mechanics.
A Mercedes is a very fine, very expensive automobile.
by Aussiegoat5 July 6, 2006
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