When you tell your spouse and children that you are having “stomach issues” just so you can hole up in the bathroom with a magazine multiple times a day and get some alone time.
"God, I haven't had a second to myself all day. I think it may be a good time to develop a serious case of liarrhea."
by Megopolis August 18, 2009
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Similar to word vomit in the sense that the words continually spew out without thought or a conscious process, but worse in the sense that all the words spoken are ridiculous lies that run out like diarrhea.
Lorrie called in sick the last day she had to work before her three week vacation started? Yea right! That girls not sick! She's got the liarrhea though!
by Moeina January 28, 2014
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The condition of having lies spew from one's mouth in a seemingly endless stream.
Donald Trump is afflicted with liarrhea.
by Mrs. Malaprop August 20, 2018
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1. Diagnosis for a pathological or compulsive liar who can't keep up with their own bullshit.
2. When you're caught telling a lie and you have to keep making up your story as you go.
3. When you tell yourself you CAN handle that dish even though you know damn well you can't.
Def. 1:
A: Man, yesterday's Taco Bell with Bobby fucked me up.
B: You told me you went to Chipotle with Fred.
A: No, that was Monday.
C: No, Monday you went to Chili's with Hannah. She sent me a snap.

A: No, I -
B: Besides, Lana put you guys' lunch from IHOP on IG today.

C: Someone's got liarrhea.

Def. 2:
Teen: (was at a party the previous night, claimed to be at school sport game)
Parent: How was the game?
T: Pretty good. We won.
P: I read on facebook that you lost.
T: We won in spirit. The fact that the coach was there with his mom in the hospital is amazing.
P: I just saw her in one of his posts, too. Healthy as a horse.
T: Must've been his dad, then.
P: Cut the liarrhea, and tell me where you were before I turn the wifi off.

Def. 3:
A: Here's the Lysol.
B: Why?
A: You're eating Taco Bell. We both know you'll be having liarrhea later.
by shieldswinger July 04, 2018
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When you lie about having diarrhea to get out of doing something.
I thought you had a date with Parker tonight? She came down with a case of liarrhea.
by furtune7 August 15, 2008
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