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A transferrable disease relating to compulsive lying about any and all subjects. It is said there are 'carriers' of the liabetic gene spread amongst the general public.
Extensive research continues to cure these 'carriers' but thus far the research, based out of Dunedin and Ashburton, has been unsuccessful
Mark: "Hey bro you coming home for this holiday?"
Jason: "Oh nar man I'm staying down south with my mrs Tiff cos she cant get back to Tauranga"
Mark: "Dude you don't even have a girlfriend, this is just like yesterday when you told me you didn't know what a muscle hampster is.... i think you have liabetes"
Jason: "But I never lie"
Mark: "Right there. You are a carrier of liabetes"
by Browntown154 October 11, 2010
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A disease that is cureable by not being a fucking liar. Everyone has some sort of case of liabetes at one time in their life, some being more severe than others. Severe cases can be treated at your local doctors office where you can get your liabetes shot.
Duster: "Yeah I banged 3 unreal broads last night that I met at the bar"

Timmy: "You took home that swamper with rotting gibbs. You got a bad case of liabetes better go get that shit checked out. I hear they have a shot for it"

Example 2

Greg: "man its like 10000 degrees out"

Timmy: "yeah ok guy, better go have your liabetes checked out, won't want that shit spreading"
by B LEIS May 23, 2007
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Liabetes is where a person be walking around just offering lies. Theres been cases of stage 83 Liabetes. It’s contagious, be careful when you pass them. Don't look twice at them, you will catch a case of the liabetes.
My ex came home , without me saying anything, he straight had liabetes, offering lies about something that no one asked about.

I caught a case of stage 32 liabetes from my ex, i was offering lies to all
by Love~or~Leave September 04, 2019
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