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The first driver of Black Origin to be a Formula one Driver.

Not only that, but he is also very, very good. Finishing on the podium in his first three races and currently joint leader of the championship.
by akpinup April 30, 2007
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The most obnoxious driver ever to of raced in formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, Mr perfect in some peoples eyes, these people simply blinded by the fact that he is english, therefore they must support him, many of his fans never even watched F1 before he came into the sport, these are the same people that think he is the best driver the sport has ever seen.

2009 is Lewis hamiltons 3rd season in the sport and already is disliked by the majority of the paddock. He cant seem to understand why, despite him being obnoxious, cocky and a dangerous driver. I have never seen one driver make so many stupid errors in such a short period of time ranging from missing the pit lane entrance driving into the gravel and getting stuck to not seeing a red light at the end of a pit-lane and the cars waiting behind it consequenlty driving into the back the waiting Kimi Raikonnen to crashing his car heavily on the last lap of the Monza grand prix running in a strong position with clear gaps to the cars in front and the cars behind losing valuable points.
He has also pushed numerous cars on the grass and into the gravel and also seems to like cutting corners and cant see the problem with it, after all hes Mr.Perfect.

I am not a Lewis Hamilton Fan.
Mclaren Lewis Hamilton
by Euphoric October 10, 2009
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Mclaren Formula 1 driver probably for his whole F1 career.

Probably the man with the most raw pace around a circuit along with Fernando Alonso (shown by the way they hated each other when they were at the same team).

In the last 3 years has struggled with a crap car.

Has been compared to Ayrton Senna (he isn't as good as the god of F1, but he has similar traits).

Hates Felipe Massa (shown at: Interlagos 08, whole 2011 season)

Should have won the 2007 season (his first) as well as the 2008 season.

Will certainly win more drivers titles.
'Did you see Lewis Hamilton own Vettel on Sunday?'
'Yeah, he's amazing... I love him.'

'Vettel for 2012 champion!'
'Get real, Lewis will thrash him'
by LHfan November 20, 2011
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