Reference to anal sex, usually by a hooker willing to perform said act.
She offered OWO and A-Levels, but not RIM
by Sumeh October 24, 2007
Doing a task repetitavely in a video game or in real life in order to gain experience in whatever is being done. Often done for hours on end. Otherwise known as "practice".
Man I didn't get any sleep last night I was too busy leveling scales on my guitar.
Yeah, that's going to be useful when you fail your history test.
by level up April 21, 2011
Totally crunked, floored, tossed, slapped, belted, throttled, thrashed, slammed, grilled, drilled, popped, cleaned, clocked,lashed, reamed, flogged, rocked, bucked, cleaved, knifed, smacked, hammered, mangled, knocked, or any other derivative of the word "pwnt"
STFU Big Tony, I leveled your fat ass
by Thomas Schleiker October 30, 2005
Used in high end escort talk for anal sex.
Services offered ... a-level, ...
by perveero January 14, 2005
When something has multiple meanings and could take a while to explain.
Delano: Why didn't they go to the party?

Terrence: Levels Bra, just let it go.
by The Bra Life June 9, 2014
Made by Avicii, Levels is the most overplayed song known to man. Only bandwagon EDM fans continue to listen to it repeatedly.
Matt: "Dude I just found this song Levels it's so nice, I love Avicii!"

Drew: "Levels has been out for more than a year you snail. name another Avicii song."

Matt: "Uhhhh...I think its called Penguin?"

Drew: "You're a brick."
by Zapo123 March 26, 2012
Used to desribe someone who is a Freemason (member of the Masonic Lodge or related side-orders). The level (a builders tool used to to "prove" horizontals), in Freemasnory, indicates that all human beings are the equal - that not one person is any better than another.
"I notice you're wearing a masonic pin on your jacket - so you're on the level then?"
by BuckoNZ December 13, 2003