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A song by Green Day, appearing on their 7th album, American Idiot.
It is a song about Whatsername sending a letter to Jesus of Suburbia, or St.Jimmy, and telling him how he isn't saving the city (City og the Damned). Whatsername also states in the letter that she is going to leave him and the city behind.
The lyrics of American Idiot are written in a diary form; diary of Jesus of Suburbia's. But for this song, the lyrics are written in Whatsername's writting, but not entirely.
Me: hey, have you heard letterbomb yet?
teenie: wtf? oh whats the point? i only listen to american idiot, holiday, blvd of broken dreams and wake me up when september ends!
me: and you call yourself a green day fan?
teenie: yeah!
me: you're nothing but a posuer
by April 28, 2008
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A letter in which your girlfriend explains that your a asshole and she cant stand you
Man Lauren left me a damn Letter bomb....WTF did i do wrong???
by American Idiot December 10, 2004
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1. A letter or text message in which your girlfriend breaks up with you in a harsh manner. (Which makes them a pussy)

2. A really bad ass song by the American Punk Rock band Green Day.
Meaning 1:
Guy 1: Alison sent me a letterbomb.

Guy 2: What's a letterbomb?

Guy 1: Just look it up in the Urban Dictionary.

Meaning 2:
Guy 1: have you heard Green Day's song Letterbomb?

Guy 2: Yeah, bro. Makes me cry every time.
by alqpxjvh January 30, 2015
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