A term used to describe the religion that many college students follow on a daily morning basis. Lethargism stems from the word lethargic, or drowsy. The willingness to stay in bed and sleep overpowers logical reasoning such as; coming to class on time, finishing a paper, or study for a test. Similar to the illogical behavior of certain religious activists whose points have been dis-proven through the use of science. Lethargism is exercised by a vast majority of people unbeknownst to them.
Dan: Yo man wake up you gotta finish that essay.

Eugeen: Cant man I'm compelled to sleep.

Dan: Bro, lethargism is gonna ruin your life

Eugeen: Naw man it makes me do funny things in my head instead of facing reality.
by your mattress December 8, 2010
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Blank as shit, Like super lazy and sluggish. like you have no fucking expression.
danny- dude, that bitch is lethargic its like talking to brick wall
sammy- i think shes sexy, and inviting,
by Jessica Campbell July 5, 2008
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a person whose entire bodily movement and personlity is similar to a snail, hella awkward
jeff: yo cuz, lets hit up angelina's party

frank: no, i want to watch shrek

jeff: homey, u r LETHARG
by shashikant ramachndran November 12, 2005
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a stagnant non-moving entity with the perosnality of a carboard box
yo, cuz, quit being so letharg
by Mister Russel November 9, 2005
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To be lazy, and sluggish see lethargic{ but still get out and enjoy the sun and do athletic shit and enjoy life skating with friends but still mostly lie in bed all day. usually the slightly overweight guy in the group. don’t let him fool you. he could possibly beat the shit out of you.
Me: Hey dude. wanna hang out?
Friend: Sure!
*Next Day*
Friend: Hey dude, wanna hang out?
Me: *Says later but never does it* Sorry, being a little Half Lethargic
Friend: ahh, we’re usually all that guy sometimes
by DangitBob May 5, 2018
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Similar to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), PLSD is a disorder that occurs when a human experiences a long period of lethargy (the person has done “nothing”) to then return to a stressful environment such as school or work. Usually accompanied by mild to dysfunctional depression and suicidal thoughts. Other known related symptoms are insomnia, tiredness, and emoness.
"After spring break, 203 people were diagnosed with Post Lethargic Stress Disorder (PLSD). Of these victims, 23 committed suicide the following Monday. The other 180 reported bouts of tiredness and a few reported cases of emoness.

'Yes, it is a growing concern, especially affecting people as young as 13 years old!' says Dr. Gibbons of the PLSD Research Facility of Orange County"

- The Washington Post
by buttfreckle November 28, 2010
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