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To let your frustratoins, anger, etc. go and not let it stress you out like it has been doing. Letting go means you don't have to stress over whatever you're letting go anymore.

The feelings tied with what you're letting go may still hold a place in your heart, but it is better to let whatever it is go and get on with your life than to let it hold you down and depressed.
They let each other go because they knew it wouldn't do any good staying together. It was a mutual break up.

They've moved on and are living happier lives now. I'm sure they're both happy they let go that stressful relationship.

*...and they lived happily ever after. fin*
by reb0und October 02, 2009
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When youre afraid of "leetting go" of something because of historonic trauma and are afraid that if you don't do something (often times repetitively) you will lose it, like you have lost everything in the past, not now tho but in the past, but we still here. I am not trying to hark or be overly sensitive, thats just the way it is b, thats just the way its been i should say, but not now or ever again, I will try and I am trying and i am so sorry, im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry,
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by *chiquita.lolita. June 13, 2018
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someone particularly ,a guy hurts you really bad making you cry ,confused and questioning if you good enough for him just because he left you for some cheapsluttytrick. finding out that he's not worth your time so you
1.cry it all out
2. stop checking his myspace and comments
3.don't call him anymore
4.look back at all your memories, hugging, dancing,laughing
5.start to flirt hun (: hhahahah
Nick hurt her really, really bad ,and she's starting to let go
by homie gee December 16, 2008
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The title of Canadian singer Avril Lavigne's debut album in 2002. One of the most successful debut albums in history. The album has sold over 17 million copies worldwide to this day. Lead singles were "Complicated," "Sk8er Boi," and "I'm With You." The album went on to win, if not nominated, for many awards.
by ahhhhhhhhhhhhh10 March 23, 2013
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