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a bookish, often bespectacled member of the flat-shoe wearing community. May be confused with a heterosexual, dowdy female
Look at the girl with the books, do you reckon she's a lesbitarian?
by nathdogg September 24, 2003
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one who eats lesbians, specifically those who have never once had a live man's penis inside of her.
No Tanya, I will not put on my muff-diving goggles. You used to have a boyfriend. I'm lesbitarian.
by Sally Simpkins December 01, 2010
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Joking name for Unitarians. This "religion" is split evenly by gender, but their actions embody the lesbian spirit. Churchgoers roll up in their Subaru/Volvo wagons wearing flannel after eating large bowls of granola.

Their social action furthers the justification for "Lesbitarian". They are more than tolerant of sexual deviants, and in fact encourage it in the name of freedom and diversity.
Where is that flotilla of station wagons full of flannel shirt-wearers going?

They're late for Lesbitarian church.
by TreeWeezel August 31, 2011
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Anything that is chosen to be eaten, drunk, worn, or anything that a lesbian would have. Anything a lesbian owns is a lesbitarian item of hers.
Lesbian : Do you want a Sobe?

Guy : No, i'll pass those are lesbitarian drinks.
by n.wynne92 March 22, 2010
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I'm a strict vagitarian! I used to be dude, but then I realized what some of those are injected with, and decidided to go pure Lesbitarian
by Old Grey Beard February 05, 2010
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