1) To hang out with friends, loiter about and do absolutely nothing. Commonly used in Malaysia.
2) Chill
3) Lepaking - the act of lepak
1) "Hey Johny, do you want to lepak this weekend?"
2) "Hey Mark, lepak okay? I don't need you on my case as well!"
3) Those youngsters lepaking in the park are not from this neighbourhood.
by NinjaMoo July 27, 2006
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an activity where you sit in a place doing nothing but to waste your time
Let's go lepak at my place, got some chicken wings here
by imnothooman August 8, 2018
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Just hanging out with friend, talking about unimportant issues while watching people around and wasting time together with do nothing.
I'm (lepaking) with Johan at Soho Shopping Complex now.
by Mr. Lombardo February 25, 2014
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lepak luu mean 'chill first'... This word popular among the Malaysia people... Lepak means 'chill'.. lu or the full word is 'Dulu' mean 'first...
example :

Shawn : I gotta go.. i have assignment to do..
Camilla : It still early...'lepak luu'
by Iris (nama sebenar) June 28, 2021
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