An all around noble name. Comes from Old English origin and means brave lion. Leo=lion and pold=bold or brave. Can also mean incredibly intelligent and perfect. Anyone named leopold is meant to be a leader. People with this name tend to be really successful and lead really happy lives. I wouldnt be surprised if a Leopold ended up running for President one day
King Leopold was the leader of the Belgians in the late 1800s and his son King Leopold II became one of the greatest leaders in history.
by Jrent April 3, 2010
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Leopold can be a very good friend if he wants to. He may be shy, even anxious, at first but if you show him you mean to be there for him, his friendly surprise box will explode. In it you will find sweetness, honesty, silly jokes, hugs, smiles, patience, understanding and spirituality. Leopold may find it hard to open up and face trust issues throughout his life. Thats because life does these things to you and he should know that he is not the only one. Don't push him, don't pressure him, if he feels connected he will approach you. Until then keep living your life and don't take it personally.
"Leopold called me today! I was so surprised! Out of the blue. He asked me if i want to meet him in Calcutta in 2022!"
"Wow. You're such a lucky woman. Are you going?"
"Sure. But its too early to start packing, isnt it?"
by El Sa El June 26, 2019
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A young G from the suburbs who can slide in your girls dms and skeet in a girls face even after a bad date.
Leopold a young g killer he don't get no shit from no body
by Polito Co September 15, 2017
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Leopold’s have a huge heart, are very loyal, clever and sensitive. They are very confident even when they say that they are reluctant. Curly blond hair and beautiful blue eyes like the sky are eye catching ;). He’s a handsome man with the best personality and a happy and confident smile. In romance, they try to find the perfect love to complete their life and tend to be heartbroken if that’s not the case – those sad moments won’t leave their mind until they find the perfect one. Leopold’s have a great regard for knowledge, as well as learning new things, like playing the guitar, sporty activities, dancing or baking - It never gets boring and it’s always more fun to do it together. You need to know that they can dance very well. Both totally crazy in front of friends or learned dances with their girliend like Jive, Chachacha or the Disco fox. They are also very good at cooking and baking, drawing and painting too, if they keep being on top of it.

His humor is one of his best qualities, especially dark humor or SpongeBob jokes. When they find someone with the same sense of humor, it ‘ll complete their life even more. Often Leopolds think that they ‘re loner but they have a large group of friends with them he never gets bored - Family and friends are everything to them. They have a great lyrical talent, which you can tell from their poems (about love, happy memories but also heartbroken times). It is always better to have a Leopold by your side who makes life more beautiful!
Leopold, nickname Poldi
by Ram-Jam December 29, 2021
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A sexy character from South Park who is so adorable and abused by everyone. He once helped Cartman fulfill his afterlife duties so he can go to heaven.
Ski Instructor Thumper: Hey you got some crap right there!
Leopold: That's my face, sir!
by jyi00 April 20, 2006
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When a male makes the mistake of trying to masturbate with icy-hot and ends up on the floor screaming like a little bitch from the pain.
Brian: I just teabagged icy-hot.

Nate: Why?

Brian: When I heard what a flaming leopold was, I just had to give it a shot....Now call me an ambulance or get me some peanut-butter and a rotweiler.
by Yes, Its Brian January 29, 2010
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1.An authority figure who rarely or never visits the place he rules, but instead leaves his cruel underlings to terrorize his subjects.

After the Belgian King Leopold and his brutal absentee rule of the Congo.
Dave: Damn, John, I didn't get the 15th off like I was promised! It's my sister's wedding! I'm calling the District Manager!

John: Oh, you mean King Leopold? He doesn't give a shit. Besides, he only comes around here once or twice a year.
by BReal81 April 29, 2007
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