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Once again your mathematics is proved to be poor.

more industrial goods than the rest of the world= more than half of the total output

more than half of the total output=above 50%

40 is not above 50%

It also fails to justify stealing as much from Britain as is possible. Ignoring the moral aspects, it would have been better for Britain to reached a peace agreement or even surrendered. Of course should Britain have fallen or reached a peace agreement, the soviet union, and then the united states would be next. The US could stand up to Germany, sure. The whole of Europe and the soviet union? I'm sure that the phrase 'No chance in hell' is american in origin.
You are free to consider it waccy baccy, but it is generally called imperialism. You know, that thing that the united states tried at the end of the nineteenth century by trying to conquer some third world Latino countries, but failing and paying Spain $20 mil for their shitty little empire. Usually, a country can maintain an empire for centuries. The united states, although intending to be harsh on the peoples it conquered , couldn't hold them for a decade (with the exception of the small islands). Had this not been such a fuck up on the part of the united states, I’m sure you’d be gloating about it with all the pomp and circumstance that would be typical of the praise of any American success, no matter how minor.

I guess manifest destiny didn't get a chance to work its' magic like the mexican or French owned places that are now a part of the united states.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 09, 2004
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How america became the world's richest nation.

Basically, raped britain of her assets and overseas investments, particularly in North America. See Greed.
IN ONE OF HIS FAMOUS SPEECHES Churchill asked America 'Give us the tools and we will finish the job'. But America wouldn't 'give' anything without payment. After two years of war, Roosevelt had drained Britain dry, stripping her of all her assets in the USA, including real estate and property. The British owned Viscose Company, worth £125 million was liquidated, Britain receiving only £87 million. Britain's £1,924 million investments in Canada were sold off to pay for raw materials bought in the United States. To make sure that Roosevelt got his money, he dispatched the American cruiser, 'Louisville ' to the South African naval base of Simonstown to pick up forty two million Pounds worth of British gold, Britain's last negotiable asset, to help pay for American guns and ammunition!. Not content with stripping Britain of her gold and assets, in return for 50 old destroyers, he demanded that Britain transfer all her scientific and technological secrets to the USA. Also, he demanded leases on the islands of Newfoundland, Jamaica, Trinidad and Bermuda for the setting up of American military and naval bases in case Britain should fall. (Of the 50 lend lease destroyers supplied to Britain, 9 were lost during the war)

Russia lost more men in the siege of Stalingrad than the Americans lost in the whole war and the yanks think THEY bailed us out.

---A very good definition of Greed

Unlike past superpowers of the world, the united states failed at imperialisation, and attempts to make multi-national corporations will eventually benefit individuals rather then the entire public (via taxes). The United states will be another Spain, and will remain the world's major power for a mere century before it makes so many enemies it falls through. When it one day gets itself into a situation it cannot afford, it shall come crawling to Britain for support, which by this time will be back on the road to becoming the world's major power for the third time in since 1066, and will be raped of its' European assets the same way Britain was, and that shall be just.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 02, 2004
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What I've apparantley failed to mention, senor jb has failed to correct.

His incorrect and quite preposterous assertion that 'by the turn of the nineteenth century it was already producing more industrial goods than the rest of the world' is very much a joke. How 4.6% of the worlds population, living in 6.1% fo the total land area of the world can outproduce the rest of it is beyond logical thinking. While the united states may have been the country producing the most industrial goods, it was unlikely that per person it was the most or was, as this joker claims, making more than the rest of the world combined. The next coherable sentence (jb sure is smoking something, which is affecting his 'facts' and understandable english. Give me some of what you're smoking!) is about a status quo being interrupted? I'll assume this is a piss poor pseudo-intellectual statement, and that you actually meant I'm angry at america for whatever reason. Elaborate.

And didn't the commies in yugoslavia fund themselves with he marshall plan money?
You gotta learn revisionist history, and ease off the waccy baccy.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 03, 2004
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