In the world of fandom (check out fan fiction, fanfiction, fanfic(s), or fic(s)), a lemon is a story which consists of sexually explicit themes and situations.


Limes: More romantic and cuddly than sexual, with some fooling around and kissing.

PWP: Stands for “Porn Without Plot” or “Plot? What Plot?” Much more hardcore and to the point than lemons. As the name suggests, it’s all about sex, and is completely absent of any storyline or plot that would take place in a lemon or lime.

You can google Harry Potter lemons (just about any popular work of fiction for teens will do) or google anime lemons.
Um... lemon... ^__^;;
by .BaKa-NEKO. November 7, 2007
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a fruit that’s the same color as it’s name
ted you bonehead. an orange is the same color as it’s name. just like a lemon
by gabe itch69 April 8, 2019
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1. A tasty fruit that makes you make a funny face.

2. A fan fiction that is based on an anime/manga or video game that is sexualy oriented

3. Something that was useless or crappy

4. A lame person or thing

5. A bitter fruit
1. Your face looks funny, haha

2. That was a good lemon about Goku and Bulma

3. That was a total lemon, what a waste of money

4. Your suck a Lemon

5. ^.^
by Master020 April 10, 2004
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A car that you buy that you think is good, but really it sucks like hell and will break right after you buy it.
Dude, that car was a lemon, I was about to hand over my check when the radiator blew up, coolant flowed out like my ass when I gave my woman some rusty mountains after eating that mad stale t bell.
by John Snell March 12, 2006
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A lemon is a story of explicit nature, often seen as fanfiction for video games, anime or manga. It can range from mild to extreme adult scenes. Lemons are usually rated 18+ and are not recommended for minors.
"This lemon is rather steamy compared to one I read yesterday."
by Ameth November 26, 2003
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A consumer product that was purchased new or like new with apparent malfunctions.

Though most of the products released to the public have high standards and may have high consumer ratings, some products just flat out suck and lots of things go wrong with them.

This is usually more prevelant to products that have electrical components or require specialty repair.

The Mac Book Pro has had good reviews by most consumers, but mine is a lemon because it does not function as expected.

My Mac Book Pro is a lemon. It is a piece of shit.

The refrigerator in my house is a lemon because though it is suppose to keep all of my food cold, it fails to do so on a regular basis though it is still pretty new.

My GE refrigerator is a lemon. GE can suck my balls.
by Brett Heneghan August 15, 2006
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Did you see those lemons that Flip picked last night? They were pretty juicy. No one picks more natural lemons than Flip. Hers are the best.
by DTAP March 23, 2008
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