The guy from st.albans is straight booty and loves lara
Wemminz and da Wah-Wuhz
by pablo picaso January 27, 2004
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Lemmonate: noun, to ponder or think about. To let something sit on your mind while you absorb new information or contemplate an issue.
I'm unsure if I want to go out or stay in and watch a movie tonight. I'll have to lemmonate about it.

I lemmonated about what you said, and decided that you are wrong about your plan.

I'm lemmonating my spring break plans, should I go to Vegas or Cancun?
by LemmonatingAllTheTime March 3, 2019
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a person or charecter of pure awsomeness!
hey i know him he was a mr lemmon

that charecter mr lemmon was just really awsome
by mr lemmon June 28, 2009
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"Man those maxx's had me gone last night."
"Call your dealer and see if he has any Maxx Lemmons it's been a stressful week"

" I had to get the footballs cause my connect didn't have the Maxx Lemmons"
by giomode3k May 15, 2018
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Going through a yellow traffic light without slowing down.
To avoid getting stuck at red lights and being late for work, I was squeezing lemmons to make it in on time.
by amar711 April 22, 2012
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1. A colony of <elves> that live on Mt. Lemmon, north of Tucson, AZ. Can only be seen when severly stoned or just very strange.

2. An idiotic inside joke.
1. "Dude, I saw an Elf on Mt. Lemmon!"


"Yeah, Mo saw them too! But she was stoned."

"Oh, so you must be very strange."

2. "Hey, what's the couch doing upon the how-do-you-do-sir?"

"Dude, that's so Mt. Lemmon Elf Colony. Give it a rest."

by Kayl September 20, 2007
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