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Lemme is an abreviation of "let me". Although used mostly in text, this vocal verbatim is a key component of the language of modern youths. Since the pronounciation of "let me" requires too many syllables, lemme has become an accepted form of expressing this action.
lemme call you back.
by Matthew Brady March 25, 2005

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The huge sun glasses that every mtv california wannabe girl wears. They are mostly used to cover up %65 of your face. This is either because the girl did not put on makeup this morning or she wants to look like every other girl on the street so that men see the glasses instead of their true ugliness.
me: "Hey look at that hot chick over there!"
other person: "Where, I dont see her?"
me: "Next to the ugly chick trying to look hot in those bumblebee glasses
by Matthew Brady July 08, 2006

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