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when your feelings are on the fence and youre not really sure whether youre in love with a person or not then you get something called a half-boner, or the chubs.
It's like a mini bone... watch me go half mast now.... Turn my chubs into a hard onnnnn....

I got chubs for you.
by buttsmexwizzart December 19, 2008
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No Bull Shit, and old hacker acronym which is usually used to signify that the talk will be serious.
User: I need to talk to you, NBS.
User2: ESAD, Noob.
by Heko July 17, 2004
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A large, erect spool of plastic filament used in 3D printers.
Hey Ryan, would you toss me that giant red chub over there? I've been feeling down lately and I need to do some grinding.
by plandemic_hoax August 05, 2020
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A semi-erect penis that is typically related to intoxication by drinking too much alcohol and attempting any number of sexual interactions.
by Bslizzo May 25, 2010
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a fat person who eats a lot
look at that kid over there

ano his nicknameshould be chubs
by crack baby 101 April 27, 2010
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