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1) Lawfully correct, legal.

2) Justified, not un-called for

4) Something very, very true

3) used to describe something in the utmost of truthiness or maybe something SO FRIKKIN DAMN AWESOME , see sick,sweet, telk, or godly

also see legit
The cash was legitimate.

It was a legitimate insult.

Twilight sucks, and you know it.

boy1-"check out what i scored tonight!"
boy2-"That Is Legitimate."
by jschoo May 10, 2009

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An attack on an opponent's grammar to completely discredit his/her argument.

See Ad hominem.
Faiz: I spent a good half-hour typing out an argument for nothing, because someone used Ad Graminum and pointed out my "your" that should have been "you're".

Julian: You deserved that.

Brian: The Lakers are fundamentally a much better team, they're offense is-
Julian: HA! "THEIR"!
Brian: Fuck you.
by jschoo February 05, 2012

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n: (t el k) 1.The essence of awesomeness, an awesome group; 2. (-er) Person in Telk, who is awesome;
v; something incredibly awesome
oh goddamn that's a kickass telker.

Whoa, that movie was telk.
by jschoo January 07, 2009

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(n): Smart, generally consisting of Indians and Asians, particularly Chinese.
No no no no, he pronounced it "Cheap" but he meant "smart".
by jschoo January 07, 2009

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