a close person who hates on themselves but is actually the noun.; the most beautiful person you have ever met. but yet still you show your love and affection by making fun of them.
Damn girl. your such a daddy leech. lemme snatch you.
by ss2315 October 22, 2017
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A person that sucks all your vibes and then acts like they are their own.
"Did you see Sarah got the same bag after me, she is such a vibe leech."
by Dr. Delarney November 16, 2019
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(noun) the host of a turner leech. though in most cases the turner becomes so attached to the host that it depends upon it entirely and does whatever he/she says whenever they say it. like a bitch in a way!
"haha you are a turnerous leech infestant now what are you gonna do punk??"
"probably make him clean my shoes dude!!!"
by dan is my slave!! May 6, 2003
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