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The man who was blamed for the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit on 11/22/1963.

by the man is here April 15, 2006
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The man who was framed by the government for the assassination of JFK. Oh, by the way: if you have an IQ above 20, then you would know how to spell the word "knoll".
I thought "The Lord of the Rings" was the greatest work of fiction ever written until I read the Warren Report. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot because he knew too much, you pro-Warren Report lemmings.
by JimJimP March 29, 2008
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Named after the man who apparently assassinated John F. Kennedy: The art of eating out a girl with one hand on her tits, the other hand with a thumb in her ass, therefore resembling the holding and aiming of a large gun.
"This girl I had last night, got down to it and gave her the old 'Lee Harvey Oswald'..."
by theyoungupstart June 28, 2009
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In Delee Plaza where JFK was assassinated, they have a museum set up in the book depository where the supposed shot was fired from. The window where Oswald was supposed to have fired from is set up to look exactly like it did on that day. it is called the Sniper's Nest, and the museum is called the Assassination Museum. The Sniper's Nest is a very accurate reconstruction. One of the main reasons it is so accurate is because Oswald isn't in it.
Oswald didn't murder JFK. The shot supposedly came from behind him, where Oswald was, but when Kennedy's head was blown apart, it flung to the left. Its so obvious, yet seeing as Oswald was a Communist and the American government was so fascistic towards Communists, it wouldn't surprise is they just pinned it on him simply because of that.
by BadLieutenant August 18, 2004
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Lee Harvey Oswald was framed by the CIA for his supposed involvement with the Soviet Union. Oswald was accused of killing J.D. Tippit and JFK. Oswald was killed shortly thereafter outside of a police station by Jack Ruby. The Warren Commission released their verdict, which stated that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from the 8th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

The best part about this already fallacious investigation is the “magic bullet” theory, because everyone knows that it is totally possible to have a bullet move in and out of two people multiple times.

As Oswald said, “I’m a Patsy!”
"Person with an IQ over 20: Yes he did dipshit, when you're shot in the head it blows out the other side and causes your head to fall towards where you were shot from therefore it's impossible for him to have been shot from the grassy nole, he had to have been shot from where Lee Harvey Oswald was. Dumbass."
Dear Dumbass,

May I suggest that you actually watch the Zapruder film?

All evidence points towards the deadly shot being delieved from the grassy knoll.
by iknowmorethanyouaboutthis July 19, 2009
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This man killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. There is a myth perpetuated that Oswald was just the fall guy. The myth originated the same way most conspiracy theories do. A power imbalance. How can a powerless nobody kill the most powerful man in the world? If it is possible for him to do it alone then the world is disordered. If he required help from others then the power imbalance is equalized and there is order in the world. Movies like JFK further perpetuate the myth. Once the myth is accepted by the majority, people like me get thumbed down. The reason why there isn't a conspiracy theory for John Hinckley, Jr. is because Reagan survived. "If Hinckley had powerful friends like Oswald he would have been successful," is the rationalization.
Joe Blow: But...his head went that way and the bullet....magic bullet!

Jane Doe: So you are a ballistics expert?

Joe Blow: Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy!!!

Jane Doe: There is zero evidence that he actually was a patsy.
by Checkyourmate April 17, 2010
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A guilty assassin proclaimed innocent by Oliver Stone clones who know nothing about forensic science or firearms. This is typical of the conspiracy influenced, weak minded, neophyte that likes to perpetuate paranoia.
Pimple faced teenager: “I watched the Zapruter film! Back and to the left! Back and to the left! Lee Harvey Oswald is a patsy cline!”

Intelligent skeptic: “That’s just an exploding head moving to the left, Sparky. You haven’t even been to Dealy Plaza, you dumb shit. That shot is easy as cake. The book depository is the ideal place for a sniper. No need for a target lead. Only a fool would take a shot from the Grassy Knoll or the railroad tracks because it’s wide open witnesses. Oswald was a Marine. A military trained professional with an exemplary sharpshooter score book. 212, two points above the minimum qualification for sharpshooter. Don’t let Oliver I’d Like To Suck Jim Morrison Off Stone influence you. Wake up pizza face. If I’m wrong then prove it. Fifty years and not one shred of evidence for a conspiracy.”
by fuckconspiracyimsickofit August 03, 2010
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