A sexy little nymph with a heart of gold. Prone to oral adventures and mischief in general. A girl who will bring out your deepest desires in a convenient fun sized package. Able and always willing to accept all that you give her.
Dude that chick was a total Leclerc last night.
by SGBFF February 28, 2014
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To take out a racing car on the first lap of the race without getting a penalty.
Pierre: Charles just leclerced me.

Lance: I feel you mate.
by TheBlownDiffuser June 28, 2021
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The act of a sexual nature in which you are having anal with your counterpart and proceed to exit his or her anal cavity, drench your member in maple syrup and have him or her perform fellatio on said penis.
Aw, dude. I gave her such a crazy night.
Oh yeah, what did you do?
We did the Jane Fonda, and then the Leclerc.
...Ew dude.
by marc dunbar the third March 23, 2009
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Charles Leclerc is the hottest F1 driver to ever exist. He races for Ferrari alongside his teammate Carlos Sainz and will hopefully be World Champion one day
Hey, do you know who Charles Leclerc is?
Oh my god yes he is the hottest f1 driver and is so talented
by CharlesLeclercDylanOBrien March 15, 2022
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Current Monagasque Ferrari Formula One driver who races car #16, replaced Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari at the end of 2018 and is teammate to Sebastian Vettel.
Guy #1: "Have you seen that Charles Leclerc kid! He has so much talent"
Guy #2: "He will surely be World Champion one day!"
by PapayaOrange16 February 27, 2019
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Monegasque Formula 1 driver. As of 2018, Drives for Sauber Alfa-Romeo. Lined up for a contract with Ferrari. Scores consistent Points in a dog of a car.
Charles Leclerc is totally going to Ferrari next year, am I right?
by That guy that knows a July 2, 2018
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Jean Leclerc is a Québécois singer-songwriter. Until 2006, he was known as Jean Leloup or "John the Wolf" in Anglophone contexts. His colourful personality and unique musical style have made him a star in the francophone rock community.
Jean Leclerc's Discography:

Menteur, 1989
L'amour est sans pitié, 1990
Le dôme, 1996
Les fourmis (studio/live), 1998
La vallée des réputations, 2002
Exit (live), 2004
Je joue de la guitare - 1985-2003, 2005
Mexico (September 2006)
by Fourmi November 19, 2006
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