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A person who has a big heart for all. The greatest smile, the best personality and is everything you could wish for in a person. He makes you laugh, comforts you in everything. Even just talking with him makes you smile. Being friends with a Leavy can change your life as he will always be there to beat someone if they have hurt you, make you the best person you can become, even buy you things you’ve wanted forever! A leavy is an amazing person and deserves the whole world. Leavy is also a very unique name, as it’s spelt can sound different when you say it, but when you learn it you soon learn to love it. A Leavy will always be there to hang out with you and be up to go wherever you’d want to go. Out for lunch, to the mall. You guys might have arguments on paying but Leavy’s are just so cool!
“Did you hear? His name is Leavy! He must be a good friend!”

“All Leavy’s I Met are so nice!”

“I love the name Leavy!”
by _guqqi July 11, 2018
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