Something you hope that you will never hear in JROTC or in the Military.
Military term to start doing push-ups
1st SGT Williams: "Private Smith! Front-leaning rest position, MOVE!"
Private Smith: "Aww man. Time to get these damn push-ups"
by Deez-nutz-goty September 2, 2021
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What the U.S. Army calls the "push up". Why in the hell cant they call it the push up like every body else in the English speaking world.
Drill Sergeant: Why are you late private?

Private : Well Drill Sergea

Drill Sergeant: (Cuts the Private off mid-sentence) I didn’t ask for any lip Private, Front Leaning Rest Position move!
by I got you back July 13, 2009
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Military slang for getting bent over or fucked in the work place. usually by an officer or over eager senior NCO.
"ok people, i know were supposed to head home from the desert tomorrow, but if we do another 2 months we can all get a short tour ribbon and i dont have one yet!"

from the crowd "Lean position ho!!!!!!!!!"
by William Burkhalter May 7, 2008
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