The lazy ass, related to the lazy eye, is a common affliction for the sleep-deprived. Whilst one glute may move perfectly normally, the other lacks ambition and direction. It often fails to move and may start twitching.
Tony- Man, Greg's lazy ass is really acting up today.
Diane- Teeheehee
Greg (as he stumbles around compensating for his rabmbunctious left buttock)- Shut up you guys, this is really uncomfortable.
by Box March 23, 2005
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where the dude who is fat and lazy tells a hot girl to 'go fuck off' because hes watching tv
that fat ass just lazy assed that bitch
by Charred pudding March 01, 2010
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Lazy ass: Someone who’s lazy to complete daily tasks.
alondra lagunes was too lazy to complete her daily tasks that she preferred to sleep than complete her task!
I prefer to Sleep all day, Than to complete a simple task.
I have become a lazy ass & prefer to sleep than to complete my daily tasks
by alex the 2nd September 08, 2019
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Way too laxy to get out of bed to go online. He/She uses cellphone to communicate to his/her friends. see lazy
Hubba Bubba was just a lazy ass to roll out of bed to see who was on his yahoo list.
by Brennie January 13, 2006
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