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the action of throwing and breaking something in your home, apartment, or fraternity house, with a lacrosse ball
I was laxin in the hall and had a laxident when the ball shattered the black lights.
by methodman_redman March 20, 2011
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An accident caused during a game, practice, or session of lacrosse
chris had a laxident when he tripped on a stick left on the field.
by gbeezy93 December 10, 2009
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When a person takes too many laxatives or uses them improperly and has an accident because of it. Specifically in ones pants or in public, where it is more embarrassing.
I was trying to lose a ton of weight so I took a bunch of laxatives, but I had a huge laxident in my boyfriend's bed and made an ass out of myself.
by Jaimie Gaga February 08, 2011
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