1. To get the job done without procrastination
2. To get something completed immediately
Get off your butt and Getter Done.

We have to paint this room before dinner so let's Getter Done.
by Jack Oat April 27, 2006
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Popular catch phrase of Larry the Cable Guy. As seen in Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Git-R-done! is the proper spelling.
Remember, if girls from the South are called Southern Belles, the girls from Mexico are called Taco Belles!

GIT-R-DONE!!! ( getter done )

by Keoni October 19, 2005
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it means "to get her done"... to have sex...
"i do" "i do" "i now pronounce you man and wife"... someone in the crowd.."GETTER DONE!!!!"
by Tracyz October 3, 2004
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A worker/laborer; Specifically a construction worker.

A Redneck.
Wow, looks at all them "Getter Dones" working at that Plantation.

Dude that "Getter Done" has a sweet mullet.
by KeystoneSLC February 25, 2005
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A phrase used by Mr. Weeks to get his students to start working.
"As a wise man once said, Getter Done!"
by matt69420 May 31, 2019
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1. Short for "Get her done."

2. When used, at all, you know you are a hick.
Scenario 1: Billy-Bob: "I went to Betty-Sue's house last night."
Johnny-Boy: "Getter done!?!?"

Scenario 2: Three boys were outside in a parking lot. Boys 1 and 2 were in their car "rippin donuts". Boy 3 yells, "Getter done!!!"
by Danielle January 16, 2004
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Someone who gets things done without whining or procrastination.

This person thinks outside the obvious and finds creative ways to complete a task and will work tirelessly until the problem is solved or task competed. They may use multiple skill sets and use unconventional methods if necessary .
They think outside the square
"George is the perfect done getter we need on our team to manage this project .
by Dexter B May 21, 2017
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