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a person that looks like a hottie but turns out too be a heart breaker although he can bee very sweet when he wants too bee but he is a very shy person he is an awsome guy when you see the other side of him he isnt the guy u think he is but you would be suprised!! he is cute, funny, smart, sweet, amazing, but he is kinda rude when hee say's something you dont want too hear you would start too adventually cry cause he would get too you..!
wow look at lavonte he is soo finee.

but lavonte is a heart breaker i hear!
by t.l.r August 03, 2010
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A guy who is sweet, caring, and fun to be with but if you get on another side of him he’ll turn into a selfish, manipulative, mean person, but remember he is a very good friend that’ll be by your side. So if you have a Lavonte in your life then keep him close because you’ll need him, but don’t get on his bad side. He is sometimes a heart breaker, but all the girls fall for him once in a while, he’s a good kisser, romantic, hot, and will always be on your side.
Me: I’m totally falling for Lavonte he’s a hottie, and flirty.

Friend: Really? I don’t like him he’s mean and manipulative, and gets everything he wants.
by Beastmode05 June 16, 2018
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