The best men out there... they're not only very sensual and manly (unlike All-American men) but their gorgeous, with warm golden skin, dark bedroom eyes and full lips. Most are hot but those Cuban men are so sexy with their rich ethnic accents.
Latin Lovers are sexy and exotic
by dgfret May 8, 2005
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a hott ass guy who is usually cuban and is a teenager; is sweet, funny, and extremely charming; MUST hav a hispanic accent
I think im in love with my latin lover! he is just so effin hott and such a sweetie.
by georgie's red string August 12, 2005
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Such men are generally the most extreme example of physical attraction in a male and of masculine ideals. But ideals consumed by notions of sexual potency and allure. Such men believe that women have a kind of sexual fascination for them making them emotionally and physically irresistible. Mannerisms are forced upon women and aimed at attempting to get them to engage in a sexual act.

They also have a very negative view of other men who are not as masculine, physically attractive and sexually potent and are not against pushing them away.

Such men are fortunately rare and exist in few areas of the world though there are men who believe they are of that type who are not Latin in origin where advances generally fail. By and large males believe in engaging in conversation , though chivalry is lacking.
by BookWorm November 20, 2012
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I saw your wife banging her Latin Lover again after he was done mowing the yard.
by Dunkmonkey August 23, 2007
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May also go by the name of Toothless. He is a bearded stallion who can strike the most sultry of poses.
Latin lover is the sexiest man alive. I welcome all workplace distractions from this man.
by Ttot August 13, 2015
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1. An idea spawned behind the legend of Dracula, a very latin legend from Romania, a latin country.

2. The endless journey for the hispanic male to steal the light and thunder of the Italian male's legendary prowess. Dates back to the Italians conquering Spain and giving them latin. You can see them wearing Italian clothes and using latin mannerisms.

Count Dracula was a latin lover that had never heard of puerto rico or guatemala.

The real specimen of "latin lover" is in Italy.
by Jason Mirque. October 12, 2008
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Derived from a DJ in Cancun that describe the lonely hispanic man in all white.

Term for a spanish wanna be pimp but comes of more like a sad, pathetic, lonely spainard.
Guy 1: Dude whats up with that guy over there
Guy 2: He's Spainard
Guy 1: Ooooooo.....a latin lover
by Mark April 20, 2005
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