When a female masturbates by pulling their pants up to the point where the pants wedge in between the two vaginal lips and rub the clitoris.
Girl 1: How do you like to masturbate?

Girl 2: I like to put my jammies on and pull them up so it feels good on my pussy, otherwise known as lasturbation.

Girl 1: Wow, that is interesting

Girl 2: Yeah, I'm a frequent lasturbator.
by Phil Spinelli October 27, 2008
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The last time you masturbate to someone before you get over them.
Bartholomew: Nah, I'd never get back with Kelly, even if she begged me.
Reginald: Really, dude? You had so much thirst last week.
Bartholomew: I finally lasturbated and now I don't need her. I even think she's kinda gross!

Bob: Oh hi, Mark! What's with the new chick? How did you manage to get over Stacy?
Mark: Lasturbation is the way, man.
Bob: Teach me, master.
by legendsword2 July 09, 2018
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