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To completely take Kobe Bryant's dick in your mouth. One who shops for lotion with Kobe on the mind.
After Kobe padded his stats there was a major display of larryism and an outpouring of strawberry douche!!
by jimi marley May 27, 2008
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The religion that praises Larry along with it's other gods. Created by a group of socially inept middle schoolers.
Chad 1-"Yeah, I practice Larryism."
Chad 2-"Holy shit"
by SonicYoshiFan64 June 06, 2018
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Conflating somewhat related terms in one's speech.
Like confusing Henry and William James.

A Larryism is be found in the sentence: "They didn't know when Kennedy was shot that Orwell would be killed two days later."
by ChipSlap September 01, 2005
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