A made up theory of how weather affects a certain part of a city in washington state called the lakes region, BTW which shouldnt be called the lakes region at all because there is only 1 "so called lake" and its as big as my swimming pool!!!!!
The Lake Affect dumped 15 inches of snow on the lakes region, while 5 miles away there was none.
by Mr. Bojangles December 31, 2004
1. A song by Fall Out Boy that talks about where they grew up (Willmette,Illinois, a little north of Chicago). Chicago's weather is affected by Michigan Lake and often causes the surrounding area to be colder.. hence the term "lake effect".

2. A kid from Chicago.
1. Boomerang my head
Back to the city i grew up in
Again and again and again and again
Forever I'm a lake effect kid
I've got the skyline in my veins
Forget your night times
Summer love on a gurney with the squeaky wheel
And Joke us, Joke us
'Till Lakeview Drive comes back into focus

2. Joe: Where are you from?
Steph: I'm a lake effect kid.
by stephanie marie-xo January 5, 2009
Terrorizing snow, especially if you are from Cleveland, Ohio.
Television: And look for "Lake Effect Snow" late sunday night.

Child: Mom!!! It could be a three day weekend!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Mom: I know, I hope not...
by whatisthat88 January 26, 2011
Lake Effect Snow is a sexual act similar to a Buffalo Blizzard, but contains at least twelve guys - or thirteen if there's no girl. The guys all build up huge loads, and then get blowjobs from the girl. they all cum on her face at the same time, dumping a ton of "snow" on her.

Another similar sexual act called a Whiteout would include at least twenty guys jizzing on a girl at once, with an emphasis given to the face and eyes, thereby causing a whiteout for the girl, as she cannot see.
Matt: How was that stag last night?

Justin: Awesome!! We dumped Lake Effect Snow all over the strippers. I think one had to stop because of a whiteout.
by SnowMen13 January 25, 2011
When you go out in full winter gear to shovel and shed articles of clothing one by one as you heat up.
Our neighbor had to shovel his quarter-mile long driveway and by the time he finished his lake effect striptease he was only wearing boxers and a scarf.
by RueRiley January 4, 2016