The happy yet fattening substance yeilded by milking a young man. Also see boy butter, man mayonnaise, hot fish yoghurt, (the battle of) bollock-lava.
When she emerged from the night-club toilets, her boyfriend noticed that her lip-gloss, though previously strawberry flavoured, now had the pier-stanchion tang and subtle greasiness of lad lard. She seemed also slightly cross-eyed.
by Dave D Dangerous December 28, 2004
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One who eats too much food. Lard in particular.
Woah, he just ate a whole box of Oreos. He must be a Lard Lad.
by Legend.Of.Life February 16, 2016
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One of your friends that has a lot of money, girls, and prestige but lacks cable television at his apartment. This friend can be found at your apartment watching your TV therefore dubbing himself a "lard lad".
Kyle: Yo dog we are gonna pick up a bag quick at lard lad's house, this kid is loaded but he ain't got cable!!

Eric: No cable? Damn I know that kid he's got everything except cable TV.

Kyle: I know, its whack
by Donky Puncher October 24, 2005
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