The tasty salty treat that flows from the tip of the meat fountain.
Rock Hudson always took time to have a nutritional treat of boy butter.
by dirty sanchez July 01, 2003
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Man fat, cock snot, japs eye suprise, to blat
"danny took of the lid and spread boy butter all over her!"
by johnny football September 25, 2003
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An affectionate term used to describe a man who likes other men in a way that he shouldn't. Originates from the use of butter as an alternative form of lubrication. Also commonly refered to as arse pirate, up hill gardener or raving homosexual.
I aint going in that pub there's no fanny, its full of f**king butter boys.
by Adam Gallimore January 30, 2004
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A boy of about 11 years old who weights 350 pounds , and gets 3 large sides of garlic butter at boston market , with a scoop of corn on the top.
Hey can I get an extra large side of this garlic butter? oh and can you give me elroy's phone number?
by Ran-D February 11, 2004
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A male prostitute who only works while lathered head to toe in peanut butter. (the chunkier the better)
did you hear about Frankie Muniz? He couldn't afford his rent anymore so he became a peanut butter boy.
by dooped November 21, 2015
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1.) A Mixed/Mulatto person.

2.) A blend of any two races.
1.) I only flux with peanut butter boy/girls.

2.) Damn, check that peanut butter chicks butt.

3.) Peanut butter dudes have good taste.
by Peanut Butter Nicka July 24, 2012
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a male that's so oily he'll never need lube.
Josh came over last night and now my sheets are ruined! That's the last time I ever sleep with a butter boy...
by maghora December 31, 2020
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