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teenagers who rebel againts original ways of thinks, talking, dressing, ect... cool people:-)♥!!!
13 year old girl named Jasmine Moore created lacko

punk, scene, emo, and goth
14 year old girl: oh i'm like confused kinda i don't know rather to tell people i'm goth,scene, emo, or punk.
I'M lacko
by Dazmin February 06, 2009
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scene mixed with punk mixed with goth mixed with emo.

It can be a boy or agirl
they like to ware black but not all black.
as far as i know they are pretty cool people
matt: hey dude what the heck are you? some kind of stupid goth or something?
Greg Lacko: NOOOOOOO!!!
matt: alright man then what are you then ? huh?
Samantha: he is Lacko Matt. Gosh didn't you read urban
by R3@L N@m3 M@Tt June 08, 2009
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The term lacko is an abbreviation for the longer phrase "lack of nuts" suggesting a man of low testosterone, filled with angst, and generally lacking in most social categories. A lacko is known to lack frequently causing his friends to continually promote benevolent but powerful pranks upon him, in order to keep his lacking in check. The term is thought to have originated from a pool game involving several friends, in which the lacko of the group loudly exclaimed "I've got the small ones!" intending to refer to the pool balls, but subconciously referring to his own nuts.
Dude, did you hear from Lacko?

Naw man, he's really lacking today...

Yep, he sure does lack.
by Danzius Deathbringer February 05, 2010
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Another, more polite way to discuss how horny you are. A short way of saying, "lack of sex".
I haven't had any in a month. I got a bad case of the lacko.
by InvisibleMonkey April 08, 2011
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