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The most amazing best friend in the world. She is "the coolest bean" ever. Sometimes she can be a bully. Doesn't talk much, which makes me cry. Loves sandwiches when she hungry, eats at least five a day. Only her boyfriend's sandwich though..... bite size lol. She is in love with Eliseo, but she is supposed to be with Husky because he is a boss as bitch and they would be the perfect couple.
Hi! I'm Jasmine Moore, I like long walks on the beach... nude beaches only though. Gotta get me some sandwiches you know.
by notebookpage June 19, 2014
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Jasmine Moore aka the queen of the wiggers

"Do you know Jasmine Moore?" person 1

"no. can you describe her?" person 2

"Shes a wigger" person 1

"oh her. yah i know exactly who your talking about now. Shes the biggest wigger i know" person 2
by The Most Casual Observer July 30, 2009
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