He is the one guy that will be all nice and want to chat with you but turns out he just needs a hookup so he doesn't get bashed... sound familiar?

This is a real story about me when I was in uni, I was chatting to a guy named lachy and he was sc me and we talked. turns out he was also talking to my 2 best-friends saying how he loves them and me.
girl 1: have u spoken to lachy recently?
girl 2: yeah he sent me some nice stuff last night
girl 3: oh me too!!

girl 4: yeah he was sending pics all last night
girl 1: he is such a fukboy
by roseytheposey April 11, 2019
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Lachy is a very caring person inside and out. He takes care of everyone and puts himself first before anyone. Even when he has tears down his face he wipes them away and looks after the one he loves. Lachy has an amazing hot unique body that many other boys are jealous of, Lachy is a tough strong boy who can fuck someone up if need be, don’t mess with him because he will lose it and it won’t end well. Lachy is juts an amazing person and needs more love and affection
“wow that boy Lachy looks tough
“oh Lachy is so hot and perfect”
by hi.drr April 17, 2020
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A male. A scottish name which means: "the boy from the Lochs"

Greek determination: Eros

A Lachie is a very generous, funny, sweet, and good looking male. He is considerate and always makes sure his friends are happy.

When females get to know a Lachie, they might never forget about him, and always think of him
Girl 1: "hey Lachie"
Lachie: "Heyy :)"
Girl 1: "<3"
by Melissa12dk March 01, 2011
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A name that stands in the dictionary right next to KABLAMMM, he is a hot and funny human being. everyone wants him. all the chicks look at him and are straight away all over him. he picks up all the chicks and they never want to let him go.
Guy 1: hey, did you see that lachie over there?
Girl 1: No, where?
Guy 1: right there!
Guy 1: where'd u go?
Guy 1: *sees girl all over lachie and already in love*
by jimjohnnoj October 23, 2011
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just simply the hottest and the coolest kid in the world
the girls love him and they cant get enough of him
he dates the best girls and they wish he was their boyfriend
Lachie: Heyy
Girl: do u no how hot u are
Lachie: y thanks
Girl: and u are soo cute
Lachie: thanks
Girl: i wish u were my boyfriend
by lachstarr November 24, 2011
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Is an amazing person. He is smart but can go nuts at times. He is kind, caring and will always look out for others. He is a great person to be around. Not generally popular but everyone knows his presence. Sporty but also a bit lazy. If you have a lachie in your life keep him.
Man lachie is such a great guy i'm glad we're friends.

*Lachlan starts eating leaves
by Mr. Oinky August 27, 2019
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