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Abb. Noun

Imperial Rape Federation.
A group in a lego game (ROBLOX) full of pedos, rapists, traps and all sorts of creepy people
My friend was in the IRF, yea he was swatguyed by Velocity Traptor
by KarlPatel16 June 22, 2018
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also known as Incident Report Form. The punishment given to "horrible" children by dorm counselors or even the mighty "Nark Shark" herself. Can be given for: disobeying the dress code, forgetting to wear your lanyard, cutting a pigeons head off, throwing water balloons out of windows, sleeping in class, shaving cream fights, shampoo fights, associating with a non-uphcsa member, being late to class, talking in class, being late back from curfew, drinking alcohol, having drugs, general abnoxiousness, and even for putting a pool in your dorm room. Receiving an IRF results in either early curfew, an early morning meeting with Nark, or possibly expulsion based on the level.
Student 1: "Dude, Nark just IRFed me and now I have early curfew!!!"
Student 2: "wow that sucks, for what?"
Student 1: "she came in and saw our pool. then she decided to take it."
Student 2: "well what is she going to do with a pool?"
Student 1: "she's probably going to use it for her dogs!"

Student 1: "Man, i just got IRFed by Maci for sleeping in class"
Student 2: "sucks to suck bro, now you have early curfew!"
by UPHCSA2012 July 22, 2012
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known to many PGSHC students that can fit into any form of speech. known as an "Incident Report Form"
Noun- Chantel IRFed you? what else is new?

Verb- Do you think we will get IRFed for being late for class?

Adjective- That toga party in the 11th floor was irfalicious!

Swear word- IRF you.
by Nemosinmysushi18 August 28, 2005
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