kutay is such a loving and caring person. he’s always putting a smile on someone’s face and is never mean to anyone. just don’t get on his bad side because he can then be the biggest bitch! but everyone loves kutay and always has fun with him. every girl likes him and just wants a piece of him. guys can get jealous of how many girls he gets but they are still mates with him. kutay gets any girl he wants but if he really likes her then she must be a special one. you wouldn’t want to lose a kutay. even though he can be a whore he still is respectful... sometimes. kutay has a killer body and every girl just wants a taste, trust me.
girl number 1: “omg i want a piece of him”
girl number 2: “he’s sooo hot, he must be a kutay”
A boy who broke my Heart like nobody before
Damn, I Miss Kutay so much
by sophia_ December 31, 2016
The best fifa players in the world are named kutay
Kutay is ibrahimovics son.
by Killerkutay68 December 31, 2016
A chad that is a sweat in any sport and is a mix between chad and complete loser.
"Bro they got a Kutay on the other team , we may as well give up" or "Your Personality is a Kutay".
by MayoMan23 May 17, 2019
A gay piece of shit

-Girlfriend: Barbie xox
"You're such a fucking Kutay"
by Loserloserloser123 November 1, 2019
hey man last night i did a dirty kutay with my girl, felt really nice!
by miles morales 1 June 12, 2021
a punjabi phrase meaning son of a dog
oi, that ginger angus is a kutay da puttar

you know that boy haris, his mum is a kutay da puttar

im gona fuck you up kuthay da puthar
by fuck knows May 12, 2008