lovable geometric head shaped servant desperate to be human but is unable to lie
"I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
"Bananas are bllllllllllllllll... yellow
by nicoooo dijon buckthorn January 19, 2004
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An android from the sci-fi/comedy series Red Dwarf, Kryten looks like a human wearing metallic clothes, but has a cube-like, geometric head. He became a regular in Series 3, played by Robert Llewellyn, but was actually first seen in an episode of Series 2 in which the Red Dwarf crew find him on a crashed spacecraft. He has been programmed to look after the crew of the marooned craft, but didn't realise they had been dead for many years. Played by Dave Ross, his original character was based on the butler in 'The Admirable Crichton'. Taken back to Red Dwarf, he was persuaded to rebel against Rimmer's task-master treatment and went joy-riding on Lister's space bike. In the Series 3 prologue (freeze-frame the tape/DVD to read it) it was revealed he had crashed, and that Lister had put him back together but had been unable to restore his original personality. Since then Lister has fought a losing battle trying to encourage Kryten to break his programming (by developing emotions, being able to lie etc). It has been revealed that Kryten can change heads, can detach his hand and send it to bring help, and can remove his eyes (useful for when communicating with human-hating psychotic androids).
Kryten: What a smeeee. What a smeeeee. What a smeeeeeee heeeeeeeee....
by Stormsworder October 18, 2006
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laughing at a joke that is not really funny
" i love how you did the kryten."
by Jeanette Summers May 16, 2016
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red dawarf yeah sure but it can also be used instead of shit!
used if you stub your toe
what a pile of kryten

or if you were to stub you toe: "KRYTEN!!!!....... who the fuck decided to put the coffee table there anyway"
by meggie eggie February 3, 2008
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