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Great girlfriend! She's so much fun to hang out with and she's never bitchy...sometimes dumb blonde lolz
by wouldntulyk2kneou July 20, 2009
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someone who is not a good boyfriend, cheats on all of his boyfriends with drag queens, freakishly oafish, ugly, and resembles adam sandler
krystan disgraces all people
by dgyt64 August 02, 2009
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a loser who MAKES UP LIES about girls who rejected him or left him because he is worthless and has no appealing qualities whatsoever, don't believe a word that comes out of this compulsive liar's mouth, he does nothing but drool over celebrity girls he are on a different planet than him and a chronic masturbator
person 1: krystan is the biggest liar I've ever seen

person 2 : I know!
by kdjtuuu July 18, 2009
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fucked up eyes, has NO dick, that's right, sound familiar you stupid freak? well it should because he has NO dick, I reached down and there was NOTHING there, thats right!!! And I'm going to open my big old nigger mouth and tell everyone what I THINK happened because of the childish, moronic, ugly, idiotic, disgusting, shitlife, poor, pathetic loser that he is. The only thing he has going for him is that he is tall and even that sucks because it only makes his ugliness stand out in a crowd. Congratulations now everyone knows you have no dick, what a man you must feel like spreading lies about people who did the right thing by leaving your poor ass, what a man
krystan, go to hell and get some cheap plastic surgery while you're at it :)
by dbt301 August 09, 2009
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monster of mythological times that haunts people with its dark and hideous presence and will scare everyone it comes into contact with
Its Halloween I am scared of the Krystan!
by mythologicalll April 17, 2009
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is a very beautiful girl!!is very outgoing!!loves to hangout with her friends.can be rude sometimes but she turns that very loving.easy to talk to.sometimes easy to get along with.but she is all around an amazing girl!!!
krystan is a good sister!!
by gentrie June 14, 2010
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