the fleshy area in between the anus and vaginal region covered in a dried up vaginal fluid in the form of sparkling crust.
Paris Hilton has a krundle.
by Jimmy12345678987654321 July 30, 2007
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To be baked or high!
I was trying to speak while krundled on New Years Eve and ended up saying "Krundled" instead of "Crumbled". Therefore....Being Krundled means to be high or baked
by Krundledlikeanoverbakedcookie February 03, 2011
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The soft part between the ball sack and the taint. Commonly confused with the gouch. It typically has a small hair that if removed, causes extreme pain. Often used as an insult.
"Stop being my Krundle", or "Lick my Krundle"
by Therealslimkrundle January 28, 2017
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when baby powder is used to dry the krundle area and results in a doughey substance and when dried is formed into a krundle biscuit
it was so hot outside my girl had a krundle biscuit in her pants
by bruce the duce September 06, 2009
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the act of pooring Dr. Pepper down the krundle and catching it in a cup and then drinking it
I drank a krundle pepper off this hot chick last night
by bruce the duce September 06, 2009
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A break out of serious blisters all across ones Krundle.
"I went to the doctor and he said I had a Krundle Rash."
by HanGr3nade1 September 06, 2009
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One who is the master of punching or kicking others in the Krundle.
"If you acheive your Red belt 5th degree in Krundletry, then you are a Krundle Master."
by HaNdGr3NaDe September 06, 2009
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