KRP, abbreviated from Korean Role Play, is an online community where people use faceclaims of Kpop idols and make oc’s out of them, or just use their idols name. Not to be confused with sexual roleplay. They post about themselves, give their backstory, and sometimes have relationships between another roleplayer.

There are different types of ways you can roleplay with another person: illit, semi-lit and literate. Ilit role playing is just a few sentences, not too detailed. Semi-lit is a paragraph, with a bit of description, and Lit is around 2-3 paragraphs (not too sure as I’ve never done lit rp).
Friend: wanna join krp with me?

Another friend: sure

Friend: my face claims gonna be Seulgi from Red Velvet, hbu?

Another friend: maybe The8 from Seventeen.
by ppallii November 8, 2020
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Krp or Korean Pop RolePlay is A community of A buncha mentally ill people rping as otha hotter ppl across da world. Some ppl on there hella fine
Person One: Yo U heard of Krp?
Person Two: Yea I model Felix
Person One: Blocked.
by vanitydastunna January 29, 2022
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The act of kissing random people and keeping score.
Usually done on a girl's night out, though men can participate, it is not recommended.
The girls got all dolled up and went into town to partake in some KRP.
by KRP Queen August 16, 2006
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damn,,, you’re being just like niko (krp) right now..
by thatkrpperson October 14, 2020
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