An abbreviation of the word "Role-playing", used by people on role-play forums so they dont have to type as much.
by kiriati February 27, 2008
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Short for Role-Playing can also be alot like cybering.
I told that guy I wouldn't cyber so he tryed tricking me by calling it RPing.
by Kathy R February 5, 2008
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Power Rping is where you create and use a character with such power that it is impossible to even compete with them on the same level. many Noobs use this without knowing they are and others do whilst knowning that they are. Often used in assocation with bad grammer.
"yeah I was trying to RP and this guy was like 'I send down thunder across the entire field and it hits everything with a million volts killing everything around, oh except me',"
by Gen December 6, 2004
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