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circa 1998 internet personality distinguished by excessive use of the phrase "you stupid fucking cunt, you idiot"
Kron engage in anal intercourse with my mother prolapsed her rizectum
by RJ Douchington November 19, 2003
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KRON or cron, derived from chronic and constantly said by facer; definition of marijuana or in better use, something good (new generation terms). KRON means superior, greater than average (not abram).
KRON can be used in many ways, describing people, items and emotions. It is a very universal word, but saying it too much can cause KRONitis and get addicted to saying it too much. KRON can replace words eg. KRONfused, KRONsturbate, McKRONalds, KRONtinents and more.

KRON can be exaggerated for overly superior things. This can be done by adding "N"s to the word or by placing an "E" in between K and R, then you can also add IK to the very end. KERONNNNNNNNNNNNIK. Each N added contributes +1 KRON factor to whatever your commenting on.
by KERONIK September 05, 2008
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Wah wah ! This word is usually known as mircle baby but rara people have this as their name. These are the chosen people. These people can be shy, moody, mean, nice, freaky, and professional. There's one by the name of K'ron Lynch who embodies these gifts but dwells in his kingdom for one day his gifts will be awaken. But just know everything is not what it seems.
K'ron is the unknown resource you need but can't find.
by Tobediscovered January 10, 2017
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A shortened version of "chronic"
A strong-smelling plant from whose dried leaves a number of euphoriant and hallucinogenic drugs are prepared
Thats some good kron
by ja_raul March 16, 2006
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New way of doing things! New generation/futuristic. Positive perspective open minded.
That is so kronic! Bro, look at it kronically!
by Burndog79 January 17, 2017
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V.P. of the group right hand man to Group Leader a.k.a the President, is a vicious hook swinging, headkick throwing animal. if you want to be put in an arm bar, rear naked, or you just wanna hangout and skate be at parkside a6 coleman bitch!
Guy #1 I was partying with Kron the other day and he randomly threw me in a flying scissor heel hook man!

Guy #2 Weird, i partied with him and he showed me how to 180 to switch kickflip.

Guy #1 Well either way he's a cool badass motherfucker, i'm gonna txt him right meow!
by Shadowbox Ninja July 18, 2009
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A gathering of humans(and animals, if one or more is available)where clothing is to be removed and all participating subjects must locate themselves on a bed, under the covers with enough distance between each as to not touch one another.
by Mandrew January 19, 2004
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