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A tall, gorgeous girl who can capture the eyes of any man who walks her way. She is hilarious and is constantly cracking jokes, a reason why most guys adore her. Although she has such amazing qualities, she is not loved by everyone, particularily most females. This is because girls often get jealous because Krissa tends to steal the spotlight & gets a lot of attention from guys.
"Wow did you see Krissa come into school this morning? I swear it was just all eyes on her man! She's insanely hot!"
by Jessicaaaaaaaaaaaa March 06, 2013
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a krissa is a red-headed girl who is really pretty wants to be a model....will be a model is the best friend you could ever ask for and has an amazing sense of humor, she is my eternal bestfriend and i love her with all my heart, krissas are super cool , and good advice givers!
Girl 1:krissa sucks
Girl2: bitch, suck a dick shes the best....shes ..a krissa!
by megalofogus July 15, 2009
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Girl with red and/or curly girl - the kinda hot chick who can hang with the guys and the guys all secretly want her. Funny & rock and roll, but high maintenance. The other girls are usually jealous, so Krissas have a lot of guy friends.
I wanna take that Krissa motorcyclin'.
by Kaedibyrd April 19, 2017
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