Crack cocaine; Specifically, individual crack rocks.
Used extensively in rhymes by rapper MF DOOM.
"Villain man never ran with krills in his hand, and
Won't stop rockin' till he clocked in a gazillion grand."

- MF DOOM, Gazillion Ear

"Instead, she wants to hear the beatbox
Take pills and make fake krills that's sheetrocks."

- MF DOOM, Vomitspit

"We hollow krills, she swallow pills
He follow flea collar three dollar bills."

- MF DOOM, Beef Rap

"Never seen the shit again, but he's still my dunny
Only thing that come between us is krill and money."

- MF DOOM, Rhymes Like Dimes

"Don't smoke krill, won't need Topol
If the flouride don't kill you, then the soap will."

- Viktor Vaughn (MF DOOM), Dope Skill
by Doogie Howitzer October 02, 2009
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krills (or krillz) is the crack

like slang that has "ills" added to everything.
that sucka is on the krills, for rills
by gazillions October 29, 2003
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The action of getting attacked by a colossal,dark, cyclops shrimp who just wants a hug.
One will loose wings when coming in contact with the shrimp.

To prevent oneself from loosing wings, spam death, and pray for the best.
Skykid A: Yo, where did that moth drag Gully to?
Skykid B: ah- to wastleland to get krilled
by Tem’pure’a fish February 06, 2021
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The act of attracting and befriending sad bastards and dependent, needy individuals to make one feel better about oneself.
Like a whale around krill, krilling
by Rainbowwarrior July 29, 2015
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A group of people or a person that is indie or is a hipster.
That coffee shop is full of krill.
by AJ Hochenadel November 19, 2008
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The act of standing in an area with a large amount of women passing through and hitting on as many as possible in a short period of time. Typically outside the exit at bar closing time or ideally at the bottom of the escalator leaving one of Vegas' fancier clubs. Based on the way whales just swim with their mouths open through schools of krill and eat as much as they can.
"Its almost 4:00 AM, let's head over to Tao and do some krilling before we hit the strip clubs."
by Summer of Rob March 06, 2009
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