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The act of attracting and befriending sad bastards and dependent, needy individuals to make one feel better about oneself.
Like a whale around krill, krilling
by Rainbowwarrior August 29, 2015
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The act of standing in an area with a large amount of women passing through and hitting on as many as possible in a short period of time. Typically outside the exit at bar closing time or ideally at the bottom of the escalator leaving one of Vegas' fancier clubs. Based on the way whales just swim with their mouths open through schools of krill and eat as much as they can.
"Its almost 4:00 AM, let's head over to Tao and do some krilling before we hit the strip clubs."
by Summer of Rob March 06, 2009
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Krilling is when your constantly depressed but at the moment you have a rush of dopamine so you feel pretty good, like a normal person.

You wanna kinda wanna kill yourself but not tonight because your krilling
P1: what are you doing tonight?
P2: you know man just krilling
by he May 23, 2019
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1) Used in negative terms to describe pain
2) Used in positive terms to describe greatness
3) Used in anger to describe anger

4) Used to replace any adjective or verb in random
1) I am krilling from yoga yesterday!
2) You krilled it last night at the concert!
3) I am going to krill you.

4) I am gonna krill this donut.
by asmalldancingcat September 29, 2013
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